Raising Goats and Kids in Alva, Florida

Breeding & Raising Kiko Goats in Florida


Many goat breeds find it difficult to thrive in the wet climate of Southwest Florida without a lot of help from their owners. Kiko goats have been bred to be parasite resistant and to forage for their food.

River Island Ranch is located on the Caloosahatchee River in Alva, FL. Situated under hundred year old oaks, time stands still and the beauty of old Florida florishes. We raise Kiko meat goats, exotic palm trees, and multiple varietals of bananas as the river meanders by.
Kiko goats were originally bred in New Zealand and later brought to America. They have become an excellent meat goat as they put on weight quickly, have great maternal instincts, have a high kid survival rate, and require minimal maintenance.





New Goats Arrive

6 does and a super buck arrive from Absher Farms in St. Cloud, FL

Livestock Guardian Dog Arrives

Ella our new Anatolian Sheppard livestock guardian dog arrived today from Deep South Kikos in Mississippi.

Kiko Goats



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